About Charaf . b

Charaf B is a young Moroccan entrepreneur born and raised in Marrakech City, Morocco, Charaf studied Economics in college, and at the same time, he started working as an accountant, sales manager, and export responsible in a carpet and furnisher establishments in Marrakech, which allowed him to be in contact directly with both worldwide customers and Moroccan Artisans in the Berber society, the thing that helped him to build a wide connection and relationship with¬†both…

Through the years, Charaf gathered great knowledge, experience, and connections which allows him to assist so many designers, and customers around the globe.

Share Interior

Share Interior is a community created for Interior Designers, Retailers, and homeowners that are looking for high-quality Moroccan Carpets, Lamps and lanterns, and Home Decor Items at low cost... the idea is simple, we offer you the most unique creations our Artisans made to select from, we also offer you customization of any design you have in mind based on your requirement. our approach is to share with you our art while highlighting a cultural understanding.

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